Saturday , 28 May 2016
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Facebook Profile Picture Size

Facebook, Whatsapp Profile Pic and Images

Facebook Profile Picture Size : Facebook Profile Pictures Mobile Size Profile Images | WhatsApp & FB Profile Pictures Size | Latest Cool, amazing and Funny Facebook, Whatsapp DP images of Mobile Size. In the early days, facebook was all about links and text but as it has grown up, images and pictures have also make their presence on facebook and other ... Read More »

How to Root Android Device

How to Root Android Device

How to Root Android Device: Really want to dig into the android system, then you probably notice that some of the android apps require root access. Rooting android has become less necessary over the years however it’s still useful if you want to run certain types of android apps.  Here in this post we’ll discuss about the most widely supported method for ... Read More »

How to Remove Acne Scars

how to remove acne scars

How to Remove Acne Scars: How to get rid of acne scars fast and naturally using acne removal home remedies and some other acne removal treatment. Acne is a general infection of skin which leaves ugly scars behind. Most skin acne scars go away and blur off over a couple of months. There are couple of approaches to remove of skin ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Hiccups

how to get rid of hiccups

How to Get Rid of Hiccups: Hiccups are sudden, automatic compressions of the diaphragm which happen in the meantime as a contraction of the voice box (larynx) and aggregate closure of the glottis, adequately blocking air intake inside your body. The glottis as you know, is the middle part of the larynx where the vocal cords are located. A hiccup happens ... Read More »

How to Remove Virus Without Antivirus

how to remove virus without antivirus

How to Remove Virus Without Antivirus: Before we talk about removing virus from our PC or computer, the first thing that wee need to know is about how virus come in our Computer or Laptop. Well, there is a simple answer to this question and a virus generally attacks when you trying to transfer data from your thumbdrive or it may ... Read More »

Best Free Android Calendar App


Calendar is one of the most important parts of an android phone and it’s essential for almost people of all ages ranging from a student to a business man. Most of the android phones come with p reloaded calendar app but they can be pretty lacking in the features department.  Actually in preloaded calendar app you can’t customize your view ... Read More »

Best Android Text Messaging App


Android is the popular smartphone platform out there and text messaging is one of the best part of it. If you own a stock android phone then it already came with some built in/default android text messaging app and Google Hangout is the official text messaging/SMS/MMS/IM app for android phones. However, you can also go for some best android text ... Read More »

Best Android Customization Apps


Whenever you buy a new android phone or tablet, the first thing that you’ll want to do with your device is customization of your phone so that it resembles your personal preference. From every little tweak in a android phone; from lock screen to the home screen, widgets, apps, shortcut and more first need customization as every little tweak of ... Read More »

Best Way To Make Money From Money 2015


Hii Guys, Are you searching the web for finding out the best ways to make money from your home online without too much hassle. I guess, yes, coz with the rapid increase of technology and internet in the last 15 years, millions or billions of people have set their mind that a good amount of money can be earned from ... Read More »

Best Android VoIP App


Best Android VoIP APP Android mobiles have taken over the world and I think it’s is just a waste of time to explain more about that. But after all of these, some people want to have an old fashioned land line phones and if you’re a business man then it’s a must. You can use a landline number from your ... Read More »